Here is a list of some of the vendors that sell with Ottawa Markets. Contact us for more information on any other vendors not presented below.


Tom's Pantry

Artisan: Tom Manley

​I love authentic organic sourdough bread, the traditional levain bread that was common centuries ago before yeast was developed.
I also love organic agriculture and food for its positive impact on our environment, our health, and farm families.


Artisan: George Barbu

Artistic design and technical expertise in jewelry creation. Handmade jewelry gold and silver.

Jewelry repairs. 


Artisan: Said Bellalem

Handmade fuse glass (Dichoics glass). Each piece is unique and very solid, using Dichroic glass COE96.


Artisan: Michel Brunelle

Opals from BC, Canada, and other countries.  Ammolite from Alberta. Rock from all over.

Cut and polished by the artisan himself. 


Artisan: Roxanne Delage

Roxanne Delage is the creator of Ragged Ts, the coolest Tshirts on earth! Ragged Ts are certainly one of a kind, wearable art! The traditional reverse-applique technique creates a vintage, “raggedy” flavor to the pieces... Hence the name, “Ragged Ts.”

There are over 20 designs, inspired by the artist's life's passions, and are now proudly worn around the world... Ragged Ts! 

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Artisan: Linda Longtin

Handmade Batik silk scarves, totes, wine bags, yoga bags, felted soap, bread and baguette bags, etc. 

 These textile products are made from 100% silk and 100% cotton. The designs, patterns, and sewing are the artist's creations and are one of a kind. The Cold press Soap is my secret recipe with all-natural essential oils. 


Artisan: Marcela Martinez

Silver handmade jewelry. What makes it different? It's woven with silver wires. Since this is a 400 years old art, it is disappearing nowadays, that is why each jewel is unique.  


Artisan: Christine Mbona

The artist does African art and wants to explain how people live in Africa. 


Artisan: William Proulx

 Drunkenjams are jams, jellies, and marmalades made from cocktail recipes. I have developed jams with unique flavor combinations using fruit citrus and an assortment of alcohols. Currently, we have 16 flavors, such as raspberry mojito, strawberry daiquiri, lemon whiskey sour and lime margarita to name a few. We even have a spicy lime tequila sunrise (hot red pepper jelly) and peach tequila surprise (the surprise is habanero peppers)

Come and try our samples. 

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Artist: Darwin Radke and Tracey Poliakiwski

A TRUE Canadian Company since 2005! From March to October (weather permitting) you can find us every day at the historic ByWard Market on the new William Street Pedestrian Plaza. We are always adding NEW DESIGNS and apparel styles to our clothing line - come by to see what we have to offer! DaBABY is developed and screen printed by hand in our home production studio located in beautiful Ottawa, ON, Canada. Our DaBABY STUDIO is a NON-SMOKING environment. 

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Artisan: Fatima Remtulla

Ask Anastasia offers Tarot, Oracle and Angel Readings. The messages provide encouragement and positive affirmations for whatever challenges may be. Tarot cards are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, an event or both. The readings focus on possible outcomes as well as examine influences related to the issue at hand. 15 mins Mini readings for $25. Payable by Cash, e-transfer or Credit. Gift Certificates Available!

Available for sessions Monday to Saturday from 9am-8pm in the Byward Market.

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Artisan: Nikolay Savov and Elena Savovi

Beautiful and practical! Handcrafted in Ottawa wood and glass surprises. We love our customers and our customers love us 


Artisan: Xun Yang

Carving specialist, micro carving and microcalligraphic Artist. Carving work on jade, wood, bone and also on grains of rice, personalized jewelry. Gemstone carving and polishing to make a pendant. Gemstone beading work for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Artisan: Yulia Lisitsyna

I am an artist, an art instructor and craft-maker. In my artworks, I express the intricacy and beauty of natural elements of life, surrounding us; the everlasting richness and sophisticated forms of Ornamental Design.

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